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Fun with turtles

F# is a great language to build internal DSLs, but I had no idea that you could go as far as what I’m going to present here… Let’s start from the start: my goal was to design some way for … Continue reading

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F# |> I <3

I’ve been writing about F# for a little while now, and how it has influenced the way I code in C# on an everyday basis for 3 years. During the last couple weeks, I’ve finally had the chance to use … Continue reading

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Pattern matching in C# – part 4 – more tuples

DISCLAIMER: this post has been written months ago and never posted. By that time I was still trying to bring F# goodness to C#. This might be easier today with Roslyn, but that is not the path I’ve taken. Since … Continue reading

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As you might have noticed, I’m a .NET guy. I work on a Microsoft platform, with almost only Microsoft tools. But I happen to also be a functional programming fanboy now. My main interest is in F#, but I’m also … Continue reading

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Andy Murray as an event source

With Wimbledon’s final this weekend, I recalled that I had not blogged about the “Evil Tennis kata” I played with, a few months ago. Its aim was to compute a tennis score from a series of game events. This kata … Continue reading

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